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Phi Phi Island Adventure

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When it comes to exploring Phuket and the surrounding islands, and having fun on vacation then Sawasdee Agency has you covered.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced guide can make all the difference. That is why for my recent visit, I chose to book tours with the highly-rated Sawasdee Phuket tour agency. This agency is very hands-on if you need help looking for something fun to do while on vacation in Phuket. From incredible island hopping adventures to immersive cultural experiences, Sawasdee ensured my travels around the region were seamless and unforgettable.

One of the highlights arranged by Sawasdee was the Phi Phi Island tour by speedboat. One of the most sought out famous islands to explore as a tourist when you are visiting Phuket. After being picked up from my hotel, we zipped across town to pick up more guests(I did not get a private van) and then we arrived at the pier to explore the Andaman Sea to the famous Phi Phi islands.

Our first stop was Phi Phi Leh to visit the breathtaking Maya Bay Beach, best known for its starring role in the film “The Beach”. While the bay is closed indefinitely to allow recovery of its ecological system every year, we were able to appreciate its striking turquoise waters and soaring cliffs from a viewing platform.

Agency Pick-Up

Agency Pick-Up

Next, we dropped anchor in the Phi Phi Don Bay to spend a few blissful hours snorkeling, swimming, and lounging on the sugary white sand beach. Which was amazing as I got to see so much of the marine sea life. Our Sawasdee guide pointed out schools of colorful fish and coral gardens teeming with marine life just below the surface. I had an amazing time in the water. Next, we got back on board to have a nice lunch. After a delicious Thai lunch aboard the boat, we had more time to explore the charming Tonsai Village, a beautiful place to visit on Phi Phi Don before heading back to Phuket.

Another fantastic experience was the half-day Phuket City Tour where we visited some of the island’s most significant cultural attractions. The Famous Big Buddha statue that you can see from afar as you are driving up to the place. Phuket’s largest and most ornate Buddhist temple complex dates back to the 19th century. The knowledge that was learned bout this beautiful statue was amazing. Our knowledgeable Sawasdee guide taught us about the fascinating history and architecture of the temples as we strolled the peaceful grounds.

We then visited the Phuket Mining Museum, which uses immersive exhibits and artifacts to bring the region’s tin mining heritage to life. It is a very good thing to visit this museum because you can learn a lot, about the island. I was fascinated to learn how Chinese immigrants built the lucrative mining industry on the island in the 16th century.

Our final stop was Old Phuket Town, an amazing area to shop and take beautiful photos of the famous attractions there. This is where we wandered the charming Sino-Portuguese streets and historic architecture. The colorful heritage buildings now house quaint cafes, boutiques, and restaurants. On this tour, our Sawasdee guide pointed out intricate Chinese shrines, and ornate teakwood mansions, and shared stories about the town’s rich multicultural past. And how Phuket Town became the most famous spot to shop and eat while on vacation.

Agency Island Travel

Agency Island Travel

In addition to tours, Sawasdee can also coordinate unique experiences like a Thai cooking class or batik painting workshop. I opted for the cooking class and was not disappointed! It was such an amazing thing to experience and the local Thai food they taught us to make was very tasty in the end. We began with a shopping trip to a local market where our chef/instructor introduced us to the fresh ingredients we’d use and taught us about essential Thai herbs and spices.

Back at the cooking school, we learned how to prepare a spread of classic dishes hands-on, from the flavorful Tom Yum soup to the famous Massaman curry, fragrant jasmine rice, and mouthwatering mango sticky rice for dessert. I must admit the mango sticky rice was my favorite thing that I enjoyed on this tour. Our small class size ensured we had plenty of time to ask questions and get individualized coaching. In the end, we got to feast on the delectable creations we had prepared.

What sets Sawasdee apart is its focus on authenticity and personal service. The guides deeply understand local customs and history and share it with infectious enthusiasm. They also ensure every detail is arranged so you can simply relax and soak in all the magic Phuket has to offer.

Agency Exploration

Agency Exploration

Whether you want to island hop, dive into Thai culture, or embark on an outdoor adventure, Sawasdee Phuket has an incredible array of tours and experiences to match any interest. Let their team of local experts plan your ideal island escape – you’ll be amazed at how much you can discover!