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Explore the wonder of Phuket

Explore the wonder of Phuket

Are you planning to explore all around Phuket from famous places to hidden gems? Sawasdee will take you to all the wonders at Phuket as soon as you drop off the airplane. With Sawasdee airport transfer service, our representative will pick you up at the airport and drive you safely to your hotel. We ensure to help guests with every detail.  Our team has extensive knowledge and regional expertise in local culture, traditions, and cuisines. So, we will ensure that each tourist has a delightful experience to fulfill their requirements and desires.

Enjoy the wonder of sunsets view in Phuket

Enjoy the wonder of the sunset view in Phuket

Top Attractions in Phuket

If you look at Google for top attractions in Phuket, you will be attracted by stunning photos of Phi Phi islands or James Bonds islands. If you are planning for the most romantic and exciting trips with your partners, you can book the island tour.  Sawasdee offers island tours to famous islands such as Phi Phi Islands and James Bond Islands. During the island tours, You can do sea activities such as swimming and canoeing with your partner exploring beautiful lagoons and caves.

During the James Bond islands tour, you can enjoy the scenic views while riding the islands-hopping speed boat around Phang Nga Bay.  You may observe the extraordinary limestone cliffs emerging from the crystal-clear waters.

At Phi Phi island, you can stop at Maya Bay and relax at the famous location from the Hollywood movie, “The Beach”. You can go sightseeing in the famous Viking cave to watch the ancient cave paintings and a lot of swallows, swim, and snorkel with an experienced guide. 

You can also choose your specialty on the island tour. We recommend sunset tours which you can create the most romantic experience with your partner and watch the wonder of nature. You may drink champagne and share kisses while watching the beautiful color of the sky above the Andaman Sea’s horizon, with the islands’ distinct appearance serving as a natural backdrop. That moment will provide the most heartfelt encounters with your lover. You can create so many memories and take photos at the golden hour. Sawasdee’s packages include hotel pick-up services so that you don’t have to worry about any transportation and enjoy the journey. 

Cultural wonder at Phuket with Sawasdee

Cultural wonder at Phuket with Sawasdee

Cultural Experience

If you are the one who wants to explore more about Thai Traditional cultures, you can enjoy the Siam Niramit which is an excellent introduction to the history and culture of Thailand. There is so much opportunity to take wonderful pictures beyond the shows but you cannot take photos of the show. With the best Thai traditional dance and performance, you may wonder about the backdrop of visual effects and efforts they took for the show. 

If you love the Siam Niramit show, you will also enjoy the world-first Thai cultural carnival theme park “Carnival Magic”. The show is colorful and showcases Thai culture. There is so much to explore at the Carnival Magic. The park’s vibrant colors, lights, music, and singing create a cheerful mood. This is a must-visit park if you are traveling to Phuket with your child or your partners. You will find the rich cultural heritage and joyful atmosphere in this world-class park too. 

For those who love to cook and love food, Sawasdee offers unique experiences. You can also take a Thai traditional cooking lesson with experienced chefs by purchasing and researching ingredients and supplies at local markets. In this way, you may learn to prepare traditional Thai foods while also immersing yourself in Thai culture.  

Aderanaline-pumping activities

Adrenaline-pumping activities

Unlock your Adrenaline 

Are you an explorer who loves to take risks and enjoy adrenaline-pumping experiences? You can try the biggest zipline in Phuket at Sawasdee. While soaring through the rainforest of the jungle, you will experience a sense of freedom from your worries and fears. You will encounter unique experiences that you might not get in anywhere. You can easily book these adventures on the Sawasdee website. You can also choose how many platforms you want to play for the zipline. 

If you want to take the next steps of excitement and take on more challenges, you can choose the ATV adventures at Sawasdee. Riding through mud puddles, rocky paths, and uneven surfaces adds an extra layer of excitement. While riding the ATV, you will experience not only the adrenaline rush but also the panoramic view of nature overlooking one of the top wonders of Phuket, Big Buddha. After riding an ATV, you will be left with a sense of confidence and pleasure. 

Sawasdee also offers a visit to the elephant sanctuary, where visitors may learn how to properly care for elephants. You will wonder about the wildlife and beautiful nature of the elephants, as well as the new experiences. You can even try the elephant trekking and explore all around the wild trip. Elephants will take you to the vantage areas which are not easily accessible on foot and stay undisturbed. During the tours, you may see the extraordinary view of the blue sea and green mountains.

Book your wonder with Sawasdee

Book your wonder with Sawasdee

Book Your Wonder

As the Sawasdee tagline, “It’s about a journey, not a destination”. Whether you’re traveling with friends and family or planning a honeymoon with your partner, you would want the finest travel experience without any distractions. If you are ready to enjoy the spirits of Phuket, book us now and enjoy the most wonderful and immersive Phuket Experiences with us.