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Explore the wild side of Phuket

explore the wild side of the Phuket

Wild Side of Phuket

Phuket is a place of wonder where you can experience more memorable travel than any other place. Today, we will guide you through an exploration of Phuket’s diverse wildlife attractions, from the majestic giants of the jungle to the fascinating creatures of the ocean depths. Sawasdee Phuket is committed to making your travel more enjoyable and filled with satisfaction. Our goal is to provide a seamless and exhilarating journey, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the wonders of Phuket’s wildlife.

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

This is a must-visit place in Phuket for all elephant lovers and for those who would like to have a new experience filled with exciting activities. Here, You can take an elephant care and watch the free nature of elephants in the wild. You will also have the opportunity to feed the big elephants and small ones and give them baths. You can rub the elephants with mud and yourself if you like in the spa pool. Then you can wash the mud off with the elephants at the water pool. 

They will also make short presentations about their vision, the park, and information about the Asian elephants. They are really patient in explaining each elephant’s background information.  You can also take great pictures with the big elephants. The elephants are being well looked after and well cared for in their wild environment. 

In the Sawasdee packages, It is included food for elephants and delicious Thai Buffets. It also covers the visitor insurance and round transfer trip in the Phuket area. It has morning sessions and afternoon sessions. Each session is 3 hours long. You should bring extra clothes, waterproof phone bags, towels, and sandals rather than shoes because you will play in the mud. 

Tiger Kindgom Phuket

Tiger Kingdom Phuket

This is a great place if you would like to closer look at tigers in a setting that mimics their wild habitat. You can touch and spend time with tigers and take pictures with you in the enclosures without chains or drugs. They also have the option to play with tigers. You can also buy souvenirs or order food and drink in the park. You have to go with their guide and they will teach you how to interact with tigers too. They claimed that their tigers are friendly with people and do not seem us prey or attacked. 

The tigers are well-trained and well-cared so you don’t have to worry about going near them. If you decide to go inside and sit next to the tigers, your fear of the wild will go away. There are small to biggest sized of tigers and they also have cheetahs. If you go with kids, we recommend trying with the small tigers. Kids are not allowed to go alone without adults. They open daily including public holidays from 9 am to 5 pm. 

dolphin show phuket

Dolphin Shows

This is the only dolphin show in Phuket. This is the ideal place to take the family for the most fantastic dolphin talent show, which includes not only dolphins but also fur seals. You will be amazed by their skills during the dynamic live show. here are four types of seat tickets for the Dolphin Shows. You should also buy the tickets in advance to avoid a last-minute rush. It is a delight to watch them perform for 45 minutes. They have 3 show times per day and operate the whole week except Monday.

Other than the show itself, they have unique additional services such as taking photos with adorable dolphins and fur seals, interacting with dolphins and feeding them acting as a young trainer, and swimming with dolphins.

We recommend going and enjoying the shows especially if you have kids. They will absolutely love it. It doesn’t look like the animals are suffering but fun because they cared for the animals without stress and in complete comfort. They also maintain the life support system in the same conditions as in the wild.

Aquarium Phuket

Aquaria Phuket

It is located in the heart of Phuket, Central Phuket Floresta. For those who like to explore the wild sea creatures and abundant fishes, Auqria Phuket is the must-visit place. It is the biggest aquarium in Thailand and you can explore more than 25,000 animals. Their friendly staff will guide you and explain about the wonder of the ocean creatures. You can even watch their professional feeding the marine animals. If you would like to encounter it, you should go into their feeding schedule. 

It offers two packages which are an aquarium admissions ticket and an AR Tickeye Museum ticket. It is cheaper if you buy both tickets. You can easily purchase them on our website.  If you have AR tickets museum is also a must-go place if you would like to take the AR adventures and have fun. You can take funny photos and witness the AR wonders such as wild dinosaurs or the ocean.   You can buy souvenirs at the gift shop of Aquaria Phuket. 

You should try to go to these places if you would like to see another perspective of Phuket other than beaches and islands. We offer comprehensive packages that cover everything from entry tickets to wildlife attractions, guided tours, delicious local cuisine, and comfortable transportation.  So, book your ticket with Sawasdee and witness the wild side of Phuket. We are happy to make your travel shameless, comfortable, and in peak excitement.