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Top 5 Essential Travel Tips for Visiting Phuket

Travel tips to Phuket

Phuket is the dream place for those who like to travel to the ocean and do fantastic sea activities. It’s also one of the largest tourist destinations in Thailand. However, you need to research before you are going to avoid any disappointments. 

In this article, you will learn the vital top 5 advice you should know before visiting Phuket, ranging from transportation to small but important facts that are rarely discussed online. 

Sawasdee Private Van transportation to Travel around Phuket

1. Transportation

If you imagine Phuket like Bangkok with lots of BTS, taxis, and buses, you will probably be wrong because the major daily transportation in Phuket is motorcycles. There are no train stations which travel all over the town. The bus is also not the primary transportation in Phuket downtown.  However, Phuket’s local buses provide routes which you can travel to the island’s most popular beaches, including Patong, Kata, Karon, and Rawai. These shuttle buses can be found on Ranong Road in Old Phuket Town. However, they are neither air-conditioned nor comfortable but are the cheapest.  


It has an airport bus which is an easy way to travel between Phuket International Airport and Phuket Town. Yes, It has Tuk Tuk with colorful disco lights and music beats which are fun to ride.  You can use taxi booking services such as Grab and Bolt in Phuket. You may notice the bolt is more affordable and more popular among locals. 


You can book not only the car but also the bikes in both Grab and Bolt. The best and most affordable thing you can do to travel around Phuket downtown is renting a bike. You need an international driving license and a passport to rent a motorbike. You pay the deposit and then you can rent by the day or month. Renting rates per day might range from 200 Bahts to more. If you rent the bike for a month, it will cost less, roughly 3000 Bahts or more.


Be careful and patient on the road because some accidents happen occasionally. You have to drive on the left-hand side in Phuket, Thailand.  If you can drive a car, you can also rent a car from a tourism agency like Sawasdee. Sawasdee has comfortable transportation services for various occasions, Point-to-point transfer, Private Van renting with drivers, and car renting services.


2. Communication

In Phuket, You can go anywhere properly if you understand English because there are always English guides and reservation staff who can speak English well. Most Thai understand English too.  However, if you want to communicate with locals in rural areas, you need to install Google Translate because most people in rural areas don’t understand what you are saying.  You need to use sign language more than English.

If you understand Thai, it’s better as you comfortably communicate with local Thai people. Speaking Thai will pleasantly surprise them, often resulting in smiles and a warm reception. They are very welcoming and might even teach you a few Thai words. 

Check Weather to travel to Phuket

3. Weather

Phuket has two seasons: hot or dry season and rainy season. Normally, December to June is the hot season. You will experience more heat in Southern Thailand such as Phuket. Make sure to bring your sun cream or long-sleeved shirt to avoid the direct sunlight and UV rays. July through November is the rainy season. At that time, it was less crowded as Phuket was in its low season. The best months to visit Phuket are from December to March which is less or no shower with amazing views and clear sky.

It depends on your preferences about which time you should travel to Phuket. During the low season, you can get air tickets, and hotel rooms cheaper and you can avoid the crowded people. But, you may miss the opportunity to try some sea activities because of the rain. So, decide what is your priorities before you travel to Phuket.

Buying simcard at airport

4. ATM and Simcard

You can use your visa or master cards at 7/11 or popular supermarkets in Phuket such as Big C or Lotus. However, you will need cash if you want to try the street foods and small local restaurants There are a lot of ATMs in Phuket which is easy to take out your cash but you have to pay transaction fees. You can also look for the exchange counter to exchange foreign currency for Bahts.

You can easily buy a SIM card at Phuket International Airport. You will get the tourist sim which has good internet speed but a little bit of expensive. If you buy a SIM card at 7/11 or mobile stores, it’s a lot cheaper. You will need a passport to verify your SIM at the store. Most sims also included internet or call packages already. 

 5. Other Travel Essentials

Insect Repellent

Carry insect repellent to avoid being bitten by mosquitos and other insects if you are planning to do any outside activities. Or stay outside for long periods during the night.

Universal Travel Adapter

Thailand has Type A (two flat pins) and Type C (two round pins) electrical outlets. It will be easier to pack a universal adaptor that can fit a variety of plug types. You can buy these at local markets or bring your own to save money.

Your tour to Phuket will be amazing if you know these tips and tricks. If you would like to go to the popular places or hidden gems in Phuket, book now for your hassle-free travel experience with Sawasdee Phuket